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JPX vs Lethal Force


With the recent Zimmerman trial, most gun owners need to realize that their right to "USE" lethal force is more dubious then ever today. This trial literally put use of lethal force in the spotlight and the next time a man or woman tries to defend themselves, the chances are that law enforcement will look at the situation in a different light.

The media used race as a basis for their defense and it most likely will be used again and again. We now have minority youths attacking stores and people as "flash mobs" and because of the way the media handled the Zimmerman trial, many of these store owners cannot fight back using lethal force without the potential of media reprisal. Just because you can carry a gun, "Doesn't mean you can use it!"

When you walk out of your house with your gun, you are just asking for trouble. We are not talking about bounty hunters, security guards or armored transport. We are talking about everyday people that are not considered by the media and law enforcement as "experienced" to use lethal force on another human being. This is where you run into trouble.

Ask yourself, what justifies "lethal force"? In what kind of situation would you pull your gun and use it? Every person carrying a gun needs to evaluate this before walking out the door with a loaded weapon.

Think about what happens when you fire your gun:

1. The bullet hits the perpetrator and wounds them; probably a lawsuit from that person for aggravated assault unless you have absolute proof you needed to shoot them. Cost of a defense attorney, $10,000.00 deposit on up.

2. The bullet misses the perpetrator, but hits a bystander. This will guarantee a lawsuit and potentially time in jail. Again, attorney costs possibly jail.

3. The bullet kills the perpetrator. This is where things get interesting. Law enforcement will arrest you until they work out the details if this was a righteous shooting. If there is any doubt, again you have to hire your attorney and put your life and families lives through hell. Most importantly, think about the FINANCIAL COSTS to your family in this event.

4. You pull your gun and the perpetrator takes it away from you. In this situation, it will mean life or death for you. I know of a lot of men that buy guns for their girlfriends or wives without even thinking about if they could pull the trigger or not. In most cases, the answer is NOT! Most women are not programmed to kill another person. They would most likely become victims of their own guns in a tense situation.

In all, the downside of using a lethal firearm outside your home is close to 100%! This recent trial will intensify law enforcement to put more time and effort into investigating every shooting. If there is slightest issue out of place, you could either end up broke defending yourself from a lawsuit and arrested or in jail.

WHY TAKE THIS RISK? The JPX works just like your gun, with that major exception of KILLING A PERSON! The JPX fires 23 feet with a 2 foot spread, which is close to the situation that you would use your firearm in. In most cases if you fired your firearm over 25 feet, a judge would question why you didn't choose to run. This is where things get dubious in court.

The JPX will knock down just about anyone without the legal ramifications that you have with lethal guns. Due to the spread of the shot, the odds of hitting the perpetrator are much greater. In addition, if there are multiple assailants, the JPX can hit them with one shot. Because you are not shooting to kill, you can use the JPX in many more situations where a gun wouldn't be needed. The JPX is not considered a firearm and can be carried in most places that a firearm isn't allowed. It doesn't have to be registered like a firearm and is considered a "pepper spray dispenser".

Why risk the financial security of your family by carrying a lethal firearm, when there are other options available.